Cross Timbers Forestry, specializes in natural resource development and information management. We offer a range of services from forest and tree inventories to environmental assessments to utility mapping.

Cross Timbers uses a state-of-the-art global positioning satellite system (GPS), large format digitizing and the industry-standard geographical information system (GIS) to map forests, utility corridors, buildings and trees. With a diverse staff of foresters, IT specialists and educators, we have more than 40 years of experience in forestry, arboriculture, mapping and planning in rural and urban settings.

Cross Timbers develops forest management plans and conducts timber inventories for maximum water quality, wildlife habitat, and timber values. We evaluate and appraise damage to timber and trees by oil and gas development and seismic testing crews, and we serve as an expert witness in court.

Cross Timbers is a state leader in Best Management Practices for Forestry. Our client list also includes Oklahoma Forestry Services, for Stewardship Management Plans that address land and forest planning, recreational design, and land management.

 Cross Timbers begins their wildlife habitat regime with a thorough evaluation of the type, quality and quantity of habitat for species of interest.  Generalized ratings are given to each area and recommendations are then provided to improve on existing habitat strengths.  On a scale of 1 to 5, not every hunting lease or property can be a 5, but with Cross Timbers’ system, no area or property needs to remain a 1 or 2.